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Jonathan Fesmire | Member Since 9 Apr, 2019
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Jonathan Fesmire writes science fiction and especially enjoys wild west steampunk. You can visit him on the web at, or just stay here and check out his series bible for the Creedverse. This is the world of his series "The Adventures of Bodacious Creed." The trilogy is available at   In addition to being an author, he works full-time as a copywriter. A large chunk of his time is spent writing and researching, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, 3D resin printing and miniature painting, card magic, going to Disneyland with my son, science fiction, fantasy, horror, world building, art.

Favorite Movies

Star Wars. All MCU movies. What We Do in the Shadows. Primer.

Favorite TV Series

All the Disney+ MCU shows. The Mandalorian. Westworld. iZombie. Battlestar Galactica. Doctor Who.

Favorite Books

The Dark Tower Cycle. A Song of Ice and Fire. The Time Traveler's Wife. Imajica.

Favorite Writers

Stephen King. George R.R. Martin. Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Louis L'Amour, Carlton Mellick III.

Favorite Games

Dungeons & Dragons 5e.