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The Society of Practioners

The Society of Practitioners is an elite order of Wizards that was founded on the belief powerful wizards so make powerful contributions. Some Practitioners are molded from a young age while others strive their entire lives to be accepted in the Society and never succeed.   With a very long history highlighted by glorious achievements and others marred by heinous atrocities. Most Practitioners strive to enrich the world around them through the use of magic. Throughout the ages the Society has crafted several arcane masterpieces that have proven monumental to Traith and still benefits from to this day. The oldest and most used contribution is Slaughrigdar created by the first High Practitioner Merthraster. Slaughrigdar is a demiplane created for the sole purpose of collecting trash and waste. Almost all of Traith's trash and waste ends up here with most city's sewers draining into portal that empty out in Slaughrigdar.


The Practitioner's are lead by the High Practitioner an individual both powerful and wise. The High Practitioner is elected by the Council of Mastery which is compromised of the most accomplished specialists from each school of magic


Most Practitioner's work to improve the lives of the people of Traith with their skills in the arcane. They will help when called upon regardless how big or small the issues are.

Public Agenda

The Society of Practitioners are first and foremost dedicated wizards who continously strive to push the field of magical advancement forward. Many times these advancements have benefited the people of many settlements, cities, countries, continents or Traith as a whole. Other times the catastrophic results of miscalculations in hastily or poorly crafted spells have sundered entire continents. Throughout history the Practitioner's have come to the aid of those who ask for it. Many Practitioners take positions as advisors to rulers or are appointed tiled positions such as "Royal Wizard" or "High Wizard" using the benefits of the position to further their research of the arcaneĀ  arts..


The Society of Practitioner's maintains guild towers in every major city accross Traith. Their headquarters are located the Isle of Wizmeir along with the Tower of the High Practitioner

Plight of the Practitioners

The Society of Practitioners is currently in the mists of schism. Several former members of varying ranks have reappeared and joined together in an effort to tarnish the Society's reputation or bring down the organization as a whole. Lead by the former High Practitioner Crildoon this group has labeled itself the Fraternity of Dark Arcanum. Its members are comprised of fallen Practitioners, Warlocks, Sorcerers and other Wizards who wield dark magics for personal gain.              

Mage Mind

Memebers of the Society of Practitioners tend to be more susceptible to the condition known as Mage Mind. The reason for this is the powerful levels of magic they research and cast. Many Practitioners have fallen victim to this horrible condition that eats away at the mental faculties of powerful arcane casters drawing them closer to insanity.
Founding Date
40th of Rilfant 432 AM
Guild, Mages
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