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The Living Library

Created long ago by the Eight Brothers around the same time as they created the City of Seeing along side other deities focused on the preservation of all things magical. When creating the Living Library they worked with other gods focused on intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom in an effort to protect all knowledge from the Order Omnipotence and their servants.   The holder of the Living Library is known as the Librarian. The Librarians mind house the Library within his mind while he exist within the Library itself. This is somewhat of a self contained prison of sorts but these measures were set in place when the Living Library was created to protect if from those who seek to subdue the intelligence and free will of mortals across the multiverse.  

Purpose / Function

Created for the collection of knowledge from across the multiverse the Living Library contains limitless knowledge, countless secrets, and infinite wisdom. This repository stands outside of time and space it sees through all layers of the multiverse recording all existing timeliness and charting the potentially infinite futures.


The Living Library is not a physical structure but it is a physical space contain within the mind of an exceptionally powerful being. Holding the power of the Living Library within ones self is extremely taxing on the Librarians mind body and soul which lead to the corruption of the last to hold the title and responsibilities


The Living Library is one room filled with books, tomes and Scrolls.. anyone studying within the library need only think of a topic or course of research and any volumes with information pertaining to the subject come to the researchers work area and return themselves upon completion.


The Librarian has all the power needed to defend the Living Library from almost any threat.
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