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City of Seeing

The City of Seeing is the most extensive repository of knowledge pertaining to all things magical. The archives contain a complete listing of every artifact, magic item, ritual, and spell ever researched, created, forgotten and/or band from existence. Many of these techniques have been improved on, refined, or completed. Many of the multiverses magical mysteries and secrets have answers and some can only be found here.     The City is also the demi-plane base of operations for Arcanum Protectorate. An elite group of spellcasters and loremasters tasked with the collection, documentation, repair, and redistribution of powerful magic items and artifacts. They are dedicated to the preservation of all things magical throughout the multiverse.


This demiplane exists outside both time and space yet it has the ability to connect to anywhere and anywhen in the multiverse. A Protectorate need not return to where or when he entered from as the duties require them to travel throughout the multiverse and time in order to fulfill their oath.   Its made up of a series of doors gardens, libraries, towers, and walkways.

Fauna & Flora

There are few species of animals that call the City of Seeing home but none of the species that are here are native to the demiplane. Many of them are failed arcane experiments or just the   The gardens of the the City of Seeing are plentiful and product many extremely rare material components.

Natural Resources



The City of Seeing's creation was nothing short of divine. It is the product of a group of powerful like minded deities of magic from many different worlds, planes and dimensions. Each of these entities contributed a small portion of their divinity and bound these shards of their power together to create this place outside of both time and space.   These shards power that each deity contributed also contained a splinter of their memory specifically of the City of Seeing and it's creation. It's as though these gods of magic from across the multiverse knew something more when creating the City and wished to protect it even from themselves.
Known Divine Contributor's Mystryl   Bobbcot   Wee Jas   Isis   Thoth   Valvalis   Odin   Savris   Keldim   Draxx   Krulis   Azuth
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