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The Confluence

A mystical energy field that unifies all the metaphysical energies into one current known as the Confluence. This current.flows through almost every layer of the multiverse simultaneously . Arcane, celestial, chaos, divine, demonic, elemental, evil, good, infernal, negative, positive, and psionic energies all end up leading to the Confluence.   According to the followers, worshippers and clergy of the Eight Brothers they believe that the Eight Brothers each sacrificed a portion of their own personal power or divinity and combined the  pieces together to create the Confluence. It is also believed that this act was the beginning of the end of the Dynasty of the Eight Brothers. The creation of the Confluence angered many of the The Order Omnipotence       The two most notable factions with traditions basted around the channeling of the Confluence are Brotherss and Sisters of the Eight Brothers and the Brother of Braklet.


Wizard memorize and prepare their spells while a cleric must pray to their deity  for their spells. Druids commune with nature as do rangers for their spells while a Psion must rest their mind to recover their powers. Those who's become adept in channeling the Confluence can achieve many of the same effects or sometimes close facsimiles of those generated with the varying metaphysical energies without the need to commune , pray or otherwise prepare spells.    Those who dedicate themselves to learning how feel the flow and channel the Confluence enjoy a wide variety of powers and usages ranging anywhere from telekinesis to healing, from being able to see glimpses of the future to enhancing oneself during physical activities..


On Traith and throughout the multiverse there are many place where the flow of the Confluences' current is stronger than others. Those who are attuned to the Confluences's current are able to sense these places with relative ease. These areas are commonly found where there are nodes, anomalies, or surges of metaphysical energies. The Site of the Gazing Golems is one example of a location being steeped in both arcane energy and a heavy current of the Confluence in one place on Traith.


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