The Centurion Club

May 24, 1936

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The world has always been...weird. Yet for the most part, humanity manages to carry on like normal, with the weird waved away as superstition, old legends, or the ravings of the mad. And for the most part, the weird is quite content to be left alone, for it exists for its own sake, and pays no attention to the affairs of humans.   Until that is, humans seek it out to use for their own ends, disrupting the status quo. Some secrets were never meant to be learned. Yet those with ambition seek it out at all costs to twist that knowledge to their own ends. Such capabilities only existed in a few periods of history and all ended in massive catastrophe. Yet with the rise of modern industry and science, researchers are on the fast track to cracking the secrets of the universe meant to remain secret forever. Worse, there are those who seek out this knowledge for nefarious purposes.   Yet there is more to mankind than its thirst for self-destruction. As existential danger looms, heroes step up to wrestle with the threats that face humanity-- from the cosmic entities to the secrets hidden deep in the earth's core to what lurks beneath the moon's surface, and most commonly, the cruelty and ambition of their fellow men. There have been many such heroes through the ages and they oft gather together to better combat the threats that face the world. A new age of danger has arisen and to face it, a new band of heroes, THE CENTURION CLUB FOR INTREPID INDIVIDUALS, has arisen, seeking out the best, the brightest, the bravest, and most important, the most dedicated to the betterment of humanity to thwart these foes and seek out the knowledge to make the world a better place.

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