Táshi Folio

The Táshi Folio was a document transcribed in ancient petroglyphic letterings of the oldest known alphabet of Otapi that started to circulate in smaller communities on Sector Xalia before reaching the larger city structures. Because it's written in petroglyphic, the average city-goer tends to not have an ability to understand it without further study, and if the said reader has no connection to their past they will find the writings practically indecipherable. First and foremost is an invitation to learn. Once the symbols are learned, the words are formed. And in the ancient language of the Ará the document highlights the truth of the existence of the Vora, the reason why Sector Xalia exists, the truth of the pain, and the loss of the people of Otapi. The article ends by stating the past lives in the present through the legacy of its descendants and invites the reader to continue seeking the truth to free themselves from the lies the Ars have forced all around them. Once this document is read and understood, it leads the reader to meet with groups run by people like {The Speaker} or join and understand the cause of The Barakutáshi.   The Ars known for their pride and stubbornness naturally didn't understand the alphabet used in the Folio and considered it to be gibberish and non-sensical. The original anonymous writer took this into account, aware that the Ars didn't take the time to research or learn anything about the people of Otapi, and opted to learn the ancient alphabet to spread knowledge that survivors of the incident that brought forth the Vora shared with people, despite being called liars and ostracized for their truth.


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