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Myrliad Temple

Do you have an appointment?
— Myrliad temple priest

In the busiest and holiest of cities, the building that dwarfs them all was not built by the hands of any of the species that swarm at its feet. Both sacred temple and universal relay of communication, this hollowed Obelisk of the Song of Things is the beating heart of the Canticles' galaxy.




The obelisk culminates at a reasonable 847 meters, which is not something modern architecture is unable to overcome, far from it. Nonetheless, no construction in Myrliad reaches higher than 300 meters, as per a sacred edit. Thus, the temple is visible from anywhere and projects its shadow over the metropolis at all times of the day. While a building remains in the shadow, it is a religious time of rest. Workers should abstain from working and pray for their Song instead.


Of course, the closer a building is to the base of the obelisk, the longer it remains in its shadow and the more pious its employees. Interestingly, this rule has restrained the expansion of the business districts, as working outside of the shadow means that they cannot rest during their workdays. Employees near the apex's shadow have complained about the inequality of this law, as they can only benefit from several minutes of rest in the holy shadow. For now, their pleas have all been ignored.



The reason Myrliad's obelisk has been declared the most holy of them all and the core of the network is a bit hazy, especially since no study on this complex network was ever able to determine a core or even a node more important than the others. The holy chants tell how the Canticles arrived on a desert Myrliad and found the obelisk opened, with a triangular hole inviting them in. The inside of the formation was completely hollow and smooth, but the Song resonated with such a purity that it was obvious the place was special.


Nowadays, the inside is filled with floors, walls and contraptions designed to help the priests in their job. If the Song is not as pure as it was, it still imbues the atmosphere, filling visitors with a sense of peace and solemnity. The original obelisk has not changed at all, mostly because nothing can even make a dent in the walls. The inside of the temple was built around the constraint of an unmoving frame which was not made to harbor anything, and it shows in the interior's design.


Communication center


Like any obelisk of the Song of Things, the primary purpose of the temple is to relay the Song of Things in its vicinity. However, it differs from the other in that any Song played inside reverberates in the walls and is sent with a clarity and robustness that no other center can achieve. Thus, every major company and department has set their head offices in the vicinity of Myrliad's Temple. After all, it is the most efficient way to carry messages of importance across the galaxy.


Most priests there have full-time jobs as communicants. They receive notes, documents, and orders, and transcribe them in a melody containing the message before playing it near a wall. Considering the secrecy of many of these messages and the fact that a great number of them are secret orders from people working for the Canticles, the priests are bound by an oath of silence and forgetfulness. They are not to talk about the information they are sending, and must forget it as soon as it is sent.


These secret communications cost a hefty price and only big enterprises can afford it. For regular communication without guarantee of anonymity, the Bureau of Letters welcomes anyone, from associations and small companies to individuals. All you need is a destination and a message with a duration of less than five minutes and the service is very affordable, even free for the lower-class citizens.

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