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Beast Oil

The sun shining on The Surface layers is dangerous. Not only the direct contact with one of its rays can burn down someone completely, just standing in its light bleaches the hair and clothes in a matter of seconds and completely breaks apart the threads and corrodes metals in a matter of days. Thankfully, only a few days after the Awakening many people either managed to kill one of the Beasts from Above or some were lucky enough to find the Beasts that just died. And many of them noticed that in places where their possessions and skin touched the oils covering the Beasts, the effects of the sun stopped progressing for as long as the oil didn't dry up.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Beast oil is mostly used to preserve the belongings of the people living on the Surface layers. Once spread on the clothes and other gear, one layer of oil can last for over a week before it dries up. For that period of time, the oils protect from the corrosion of products.   There are tribes that put the Beast oil through the refining and condensing processes, creating highly-concentrated oils. Those oils are highly flammable (compared to their natural state), however, they can completely protect one from the full power of the sun rays. Besides that, they can be used in the creation of portable napalm bombs.   Like other oils, these ones can be used as both the light source and the fuel, but mostly in their condensed state, otherwise it might be pretty hard to light them up.


To gather the Beast oils one only needs a bucket or another vessel, a long blade, something to scoop the liquids with, and a pretty fresh carcass of a Beast.
The easiest way is to simply scrap and scoop off the oils from the surface of the carapace. It will result in gaining quite a large amount of oils, depending on the size of the Beast. But if one wants to truly use the carcass to its full potential they need to dig under the carapace through the soft joints with a long blade and pry it off. Just underneath the carapace, there should be glands with pretty big sacs filled with the oils. The sacs tend to break apart easily if handled in a wrong way so it is smarter to just pierce them and empty them into a vessel.
A little acidic but once it's soaked into something, the smell disappears.
Slightly sweet, burns the tongue a little and it is ill advised to consume them as they tend to cause problems with the stomach.
Transparent, in large quantities it has a yellow tint.
Slightly higher than water, it can form strands and bubbles that break apart quickly.
In their natural state, it is quite hard to set fire to them, and once they burn they give a large amount of light with almost no heat. They also create a lot of smoke.

Oils in cultures of Surface

It is almost impossible to survive more than a week on the Surface layers without using Beast oils. While commonly found in possession of the Surface tribes, the oils are treated with the same respect as freshwater and sometimes use it as a currency in barter.

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