The Transit Well System of Farandal

Nobody knows who created the transit well system. It doesn't exist in either Elven or Dwarven histories which, generally, means that either no one knows the truth or, if the truth is known, no one is speaking of it. What IS well understood is what the system does and how it is controlled. This knowledge is typically contained within upper echelon and their designee - your connection to, both, Thadeus Welshman and the Oracle of the Expanse has put you into a very exclusive "club".   The use of the transit well system of Farandal operates in a very similar way and method to The Riverway of Tizen.
Access & Availability
The transit wells are activated through the use of magic or, for those in the know, by technical expertise and manipulating the runes inscribed on the sides of each well.

Once activated, the surface of the water in the well momentarily takes the shape and form of a silver mirror which then shatters to reveal a swirling vortex of energy.

Travel through the well creates a deep sea sickness in those unaccustomed to the sensation and travel through the transit system can take place over tens of yards all the way to trans-continent shifts that only the most seasoned traveller can withstand without serious consequences.


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