The Burning Coast

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Tizen - The Wandering World is one of the worlds (The Titan's Keys) created by the insanity of the subconscious mind of Toracks - The Mad Titan.

Tizen, Bera, Koran, Bettax and Farandal were created as a side effect of the interaction of the Titan's mind with the material plane and the worlds sprung forth as interpretations of the energy being passed into the pane (the natural laws of the material plane needing to quantify such things or risk imbalance).

When Tizen was created, it was imbued with a spark of each of the other worlds and occasionally will interface with each of them - linking it with each of the other worlds through specific passages called "The Riverway". It is through these passsageways that individuals, magic, the supernatural and aspects of other-worldly history and cluture have made their way to Tizen and the Burning Coast.

There is a prophesy on each of the Keys (one of a small number of things that is shared between worlds) - that one day Tizen will gather them all together and return to The Titan - restoring his mind and opening the way to the next evolution of life and reality. ​

The Burning Coast is on the Western edge of the larger continent of Kylaria.

Unlike the majority of Kylaria, the Burning Coast is a collection of city states ruled largely by the guilds of each of the main cities of Beltienne, Mycarian and Estragon.

Each city does have its own legislative council but they have been relegated mostly to security and safety details within each of their cities.

The main ruling council in Beltienne and Estragon are made up of leaders of the Guilds that reside with their respective cities (including representatives that may be engaged in Guild War with other members on the same council).

Mycarian is ruled by a loose representative democracy with the city being split into wards. In Mycarian the guilds prefer to exist just beneath the legislative layer which allows them more flexibility to exert pressure on other guilds and city representatives.

Most of the Shadow Cells have come to Mycarian as it provides easy access all cities on the coast but the relationship between the guilds and the council affords them a level of immunity and independence that cannot be enjoyed in either of the other major cities on the coast. ​