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A large inland city located nearly equidistance from Sevestrom & Port Niesh, Smarktof boasts being the center of Lowlands in geography, and it’s citizenry hold that it is the very heart of the City States and will defend this passionate belief with words, and in some cases fists. Population wise, it is the largest of the City States and has significatly overflown it’s fortified walls into the surounding countryside. This does not make it easy pickings for other city states as the population’s attitude towards any aggressive act has born a militia that is both fiercly loyal and hardened by a lifetime of outdoor labor. As they are quick to remind their neighbors; “We’ve been slaughtering livestock for over a century, what makes you any different?”   Known for their quality lumber of both hard and soft woods, they are also known for their quality agriculture. Much of the lumber and mill work is exported to the other city states and beyond, but the bounty of the soil is usually kept at home to feed the ever growing population of the city and surrounding region. The are also well known within the lowlands for their beers.


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