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Since the earliest tribesman started chewing roots for medicinal purposes, narcotics have been a commodity that can harvested, traded, and abused. Below is a list of links to various narcotic substances.   Alcohol The variety of alcohol available at any time changes dramaticaly from town to town. Basic beer & ale is available almost anywhere (save the tribal camps where all alcohol save the local wine trade is illegal). Wine is more commonly found in the larger towns, and imported from the northern and southern slopes of the MOUNTAINS that divide the VALLEY from the Sun Sea. House Flay and a few cities in the Placent lowlands are known for thier liquor production. Here are a few of the most notable and prized drinks.   Standard’s Green - a well known and heavily distrubited ale from the VALLEY town of Greenbriar. Their brewery produces several thousand barrels of beer each year. The brew is heavliy hopped as a preservative and has made it’s way to most corners of the Empire and even beyond.   Finnarg (litterally Toothsome Bite) - a slightly brown liquor brewed from Hanav Roots and then distiled into a powerful drink. Used by sailors and tribesman to keep warm (or at least ignore the cold) during the long and lonely winters along the COAST.   Cim - some of the best wine to come out of the Sun Sea region. It can be light pink all the way deep red depending on the growing season. Nevertheless, the color does not affect the flavor which is always robust, rich, and strong. A foavored drink of wealthy within the Empire.   Sweet Weed Grown by the tribesman of the Sun Sea, Sweet Weed is a broadleaf plant that is shredded, and then washed and cured to create a smokeable tobacco. Recognized for it’s sweet flavor, there are several different varieties grown around the edges of the Sun Sea and even into the JUNGLE. The more southerly versions are also formed into Smoke Rollls; uncured versions that fold and roll the full leaves into small cigars. Much more pungent and stronger in flavor, they are an acquired taste.   Dream Leaves Grown in the dense Jungles of Meola, Dream Leaves were originally used for spiritual enlightenment and administered more as a medicine but time and money have moved Dream Leaves into a category of recreational drug for those who can afford it.  Harvested and dried, it can then be smoked or ingested to create a euphoric state of creativity and disconnect from the environment around the user.  The effects of a season of smoking Dream Leaves can last an hour or two, but ingesting it takes longer to both take affect and will last for upwards of of 3-4 hours with less manic highs as the body metabolizes the drug.   Hallucinogenics The items of this family are as varied as the stories of how they were found.  From Mushrooms, to a particular layer of bark from the Gwaulgum Pine, to the urine of the Iridescent Thatch Lizard of certain tropical islands.  The items that cause hallucination are varied and make a kind of sense when considered from an evolutionary perspective as a way to deter predators.  Right up until those predators decide they like being so tripped out that they can't stop seeing 10,000 eyes on everything they look at, looking back at them.  The fact that people will pay money for these rarities, is proof of The Night Market axiom "Any who would buy, all who would sell."   Stronger Drugs There are even stronger drugs, mixtures and concoctions that will incapacitate, overwhelm, and with the slightest miscalculation kill the imbiber.  These items are relegates to the darker practices of medicine and magic and when not deadly are most often extremely addictive and therefore, if not lethal in the short term, deadly in the long term.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine

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