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The Night Market

The Night Market is a bazar located in the city of Dualgate in the Endowin Pass. It is named such because it never closes but continues all night and into the next day, every day. It has not closed in the past 57 years.   It consists of a neighborhood of tents, stratigicly huddled around large fire pits (thus the saying “What is winter to the Night Market?”). Most of the major trading houses and families now maintain at least 1 agent (sometimes whole teams) in this tent compound to broker deals, and more frequently recieve and store goods.   Strictly speaking it is under the control of the City Council but unofficially it is governed by Mousad Argueweather; Lord of the Canvas. Mousad has made it his business to know about everyone else’s business. A friendly and jovial sort with an infectious laugh, he is also ruthless to any who would attempt to bring dishonor, corruption or shame on the Night Market with shady or illicit transactions. He and his family (know as the Canvas Men) are the enforcers of The Code of the Night Market .   Interestingly, despite what it’s name might imply, the Night Market is completely above board and all transactions are both legal and well documented. This state of affiars is ruthlessly enforced by Mousad and the Canvas Men.
Market square

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