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Deathbell Poisoning

Deathbell poisoning is a serious type of food poisoning caused by ingesting specific fishes that have been poorly prepared for consumption.   Initial symptoms will include dry skin and sneezing within a week of consuming the poorly prepared fish. These rarely develop together at the same time. After the initial onset, dry skin tends to linger for a long time and become accompanied by discolouration around the mouth and in the extremities (fingers and toes). Around this time a metallic taste in the mouth is experienced by all people. Nausea can develop in just over half the cases around this time as well.   Throughout the course of the disease, hyperactivity may be experienced, but only in extreme cases. This may become a chronic condition if the original poisoning is not treated early enough.

Transmission & Vectors

Food contaminant, Infection begins on ingestion. The disease can be made worse by spicy food, a prior history of high blood pressure, and/or high volume of stress.


Ingesting a virus through improperly cooked meats and fish.


Possible symptoms include:

  • a dry skin
  • sneezing
  • a metallic taste in the mouth
  • nausea (common)
  • hyperactivity (uncommon)


Treatment requires total bed rest and daily doses of Prepofinil potion, a costly medicine made from punicea oil amongst other reagents. The potion needs to be taken 3 times a day for at least 14 days.   Prepofinil has only been developed in the last 3 years under an increase in research by the Zodos Council of Physicians.


If caught early enough, there is a good chance that there will be no long-term side effects. However, if left untreated for longer than 7 days, the patient may end up suffering from hyperactivity long term.

Hosts & Carriers

Known carriers of the bateria responsible for the disease are :

  • Sphyraena rubrum (red barracuda)
  • Sphyraena caeruleum¬†(blue barracuda)
  • Ameiurus nebulosus (common catfish)
  • Ameiurus nigreos (black catfish)
Both the red barracuda and the black catfish are considered delicacies within the Bridging Lands are very sought after, which has led to the disease continuing to develop.


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