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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of The Bridging Lands

This story is told by

The Griffinknights were once a force for justice and peace around the Three Woods lands before they were brought down by political manipulations and agents of evil. Now, their last descendants are looking to make their legacy great again...

The Protagonists
Level 1 Half-Orc Chaotic Good Monk
(Folk Hero)
8 / 8 HP
Tessa Blackbrick
Level 1 Human Chaotic good Ranger
(Guild artisan)
/ 12 HP


Sessions List


To Hell and Back

Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
  • Lord Protector of Oakentown Dakrin Willowsurge
    The elected Lord Protector of Oakentown and the last descendant of Adlar Stonesnow. An aging but still deadly paladin with a keen mind for politics. He may never have meant to become the protector of a city but he will rise to the challenge while still keeping his oath to his father.
  • Shandalar
    Old funny wizard
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