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Myh Dokh

The city of Myh Dokh is, in terms of population, and arguably wealth, in the known world. Positioned at the mouth of the Myhsoro River, it is the first city of the Dokhar League, the beating heart of trade in the Shimmering Sea, in addition to being a center in the production of sun-iron from raw iron ore, and the home of the Abbey of the Unceasing Tide—quite literally the head of all blue-water sailing.
— from To Rule The Waves: The Dokhar Diaspora, by Andoloros Bag Dolmoron


The population of Myh Dokh is varied. The various ethnically Dokhar peoples collectively make up the majority—the native Palosar, the descendants of Lo Dokhar refugees, various Vala Dokhar peoples from the islands of the Vala Dokh Chain, and Ngedokhar from further inland—but there are significant of Nimean, Ashfolk, Yolun, and South Borghani minorities, as well as measurable Vrymi, Ngadokh, and Kantirin populations.


The city has a many-tiered defense, beginning with a large outer wall, and being subdivided into a number of walled wards. The administrative hear of the city stands at the top of a steep, walled hill on the river's western bank, and the only path up leads through several gatehouses.


The city makes considerable money through taxing trade, a which is funneled through the city by its considerable naval influence, and the influence of the Andokh Renar—whose arcane abilities facilitate the brisk, blue-water trade across the Shimmering Sea. In addition to that, the city leads the world in the production of sun-iron, producing both the largest amount, and the highest quality material. Most of its food is imported from further inland, specifically up the Myhsoro River, but some exotic foodstuffs land in the harbor as well.

Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Myh Dokhar

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