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Daarent Yulghong

One of the few surviving creatures which had been endemic to Ngavar before the Sundering is the Daarent Yulghong (/daːrent julɣoːŋ/), as it is known in the Ngavari tongue, which means "Whistling Carapace." It is a very large sort of social arthropod, with a uniquely-shaped carapace which produces a whistling sound when air blows through it, and which had been domesticated by the Ngavari people for meat. It was historically a fixture of the Ghorratan Rainforests of Ngavar—a biome which was essentially unique to that region of the world, and which was eradicated when Ngavar was sundered. Those specimens which survive today were descended primarily from flocks near the border which escaped, but there was a single flock which served as an important food source for the original founders of Kul Khalesi, the descendants of which currently live in the gardens of the Temple of the Sundered Green.
— from Twofold Armageddon: The Modern Ngavari, by Quondrus Betelon

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The species is native to the Ghorataan Rainforest, a biome which was heavily reliant upon the Ghorataan, a type of flora which defies standard convention. Ghorataan were the physical manifestation of particularly powerful Spirits of the Green, of which only one is known to survive—in the Grove at the heart of the Temple of the Sundered Green. As such, the Daarent Yulghong's ideal ecology no longer exists.

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