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The Humans

Human Territory, run by a terrible King.

The land is seventy percent human, hundreds of thousands of humans upon the main land, with hundreds upon thousands more deeper within. The vast majority upon the coast.

The Land came under dispute, due to the value of the land and failed alliances.

It led to the intense massacre and a change over in power but it is a nightmare, there now. The humans and allied races fighting between each other and the natives, while still needing to pay tribute to the Enduku nation.

The key value of the land is to be a port of tens of thousands of ships.

These are controlled over by the invading forces with massive walls which, ironically separate themselves from the people of the land, those welcomed are marked as collaborators.

These parts are broken apart into three parts across the entire land.


The King's Eye, the centre.
The King's Sheild, the most Northern point.
The King's Spear, the most Southern point.

These ports were a roadblock for all shipping within the seas around the land.

Each is a high rock fortress where trade is controlled and managed.

King's eye

The King's Eye is one of the highest points, looking down on near-endless ocean and land.

The King's eye is the centre of a massive city where most trade is centred.

A person's greatest wares were moved to the king's Eye to be seen by the outside world. The King's eye is where together to work and get rich. But few outsiders stayed, it wasn't an easy land for many races.


King's Shield

This is one of the most defensible points with anti-naval warfare.

From walls, chains, land ballista and patrolling ships that are a nightmare for any aggressor.

Thousands of men and women will pass through the Shield as it's a fantastic fishing port which over 50 types of edible fish grow. Some bigger than dinosaurs and others that could fit in the palm of your hand.

The King's Spear

It's their war port, ens of thousands of young men and women are invited to the navy ports. being offered a conditional education. The condition is that you are permanently tattooed, a tattoo paint starting on the chest reaching up the neck based on competence.

It is a trade-off, you get a detailed education and a sword, but the tattoo on your body is a call to arms to defend the land.
It is its own banner, making the royalty unique as the army is centralized with the king doubling as the Warcheif or "General' of the army.


There is no need to go to royal training, but there is also a consequence to not going, political growth, most especially for the peasantry as the caste systems tend to be a struggle to breakthrough.

With the right tattoo, you can create an entire reputation based upon it. Which defines how an insider dresses.

Tattooing rituals are committed to by a priestess who generally come along with all excursions.

They're used to reward a warrior or a heroic act, it is always done by a priestess who witnesses the act and it must be done as soon as possible, while it is still fresh in their minds.
There must be a priestess to see it and that same person must mark their holy symbol because marking a lie is a crime punishable by death for both, as that marking must be an absolute truth.



Fakazi Ndlovu-Sana cover
Open chested outfits are a symbol of nobility, pride and honour. Though being completely naked is considered garish, and egotistical. There is a difference between skin and tattoo.

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