Philisiwe of Nyanga, daughter of Malose of Nyanga Character in The Black Thorne Continent | World Anvil

Philisiwe of Nyanga, daughter of Malose of Nyanga

Age: 24 Voice: Naturally loud but toned down as if forced, she's very restrained. Type of body: She is very thin bodied, with small curves. Skin Tone and type: Pale, pasty and in areas her skin is pink. Containment field: Small, (3 Stars) Hometown: Nyanga Favourite Jewel: Diamond and Pearl earing, diamond top with bottom.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Very pointed nose with a square tip, a very wide mouth, shallow cheeks, slight rings under her eyes. Freckles, Mahogany colour. Bright teeth.

Identifying Characteristics

Her nose, her freckles, her pressed back ears.



Father is Malose
Current Location
Year of Birth
353 UA 1 Years old
Baby Blue, large, bright but always forced to be furrowed
Bright Orange, straight, very loose and light


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