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Grand Master Lady Frost

Grand Master Lady Kholeka Faith Bringer Seasbreathe (a.k.a. Dooki)

She is the Grand leader of all of Edudweni and the only grand master level wizards to ever be allowed to head a country since the end of the Age of Warlords was declared, but it does come at a cost as she is watched by lesser classed wizards for fear of her losing herself to a lust for power. This means that even sleeping and waking moment of her life is never hers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She's a natural born Master capable of seeing into every person and manipulate the world. She was found very young and delivered to Vusi-Ntaba. There, she quickly became a Star and, during the great unrest saved a united Edudweni.

Gender Identity





She studied up to the level of Grand Master the old fashioned way. Even though she didn't have to.


She's worked many jobs due to a sense of obligation to her family. When she was given money to study at the school, she sent all of it to her mother, working two jobs at the school. One as a file clerk for a scroll salesmen everyday, the other as a cook's assistant. She worked until she received her teacher level, working and earning money. She followed it up with jobs ranging from bounty hunter to Monster Hunter.   All until she became a leader.

Failures & Embarrassments

She has a strong sense of guilt, being born with something her entire family could never dream of. This is something which haunts her, continuously. Especially as they struggled without her. And even now, surrounded by money they still struggle with the ghosts of the past and are fish out of water in her world of the powerful.


Contacts & Relations

Bishop Fry, she was good friends with Bishop Fry.   He is one of her favourites students, highly motivated but not overly ambitious, which is something that annoys her but has to learn to deal with. To her, he's her bright light, him being so sincere and young hearted. She has wanted him to give up on being the beacon for his adopted clan and work more directly for her, but he sees himself better off on the ground level inspiring and being seen, over simply being heard of.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
The last born of five siblings, her mother was working the fields when her water broke.
Blonde, Dreadlocks
1.9 meters


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