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The Barren

Late-Winter 18th, 138

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This is a homebrewed setting made for my home D&D 5e campaigns. This world was created with little known history behind it so that the players of future campaigns can create it instead; slowly making the campaign one brick at a time.   Within the Barren are ancient evils forgotten by ages of neglect, a new generation of mortals awakened by the gods to reclaim their ancestor's home, and a Soul Eater obsessed with the genocide of the pantheon. On the continent of Great Eethill alone, there are deserts, forests, jungles, mountains, and plains just asking to be explored.  

Basic Information


A Brief History of the Barren

All you need to know is that there have been only three different eras of the Barren so far. There's the Mythological Era (called the Promethean Generation) in which all myths and stories of gods and heroes took place which ended in a war between the heavens and hells, the mortals being put into stasis while their home was a battleground. The second was the Resting Era which took place while the mortals were sleeping. During that time, the gods had finished their war and left the mortal realm empty to heal from it, allowing new strange and alien creatures to rule it and be forgotten once the era ended. The third and current era of the Barren is the Awake Generation when the mortals were woken up to reclaim their ancestor's home. At this point in time, no one knows what horrors they'll dig up from the Resting Era, or which myths from the Promethean Generation they'll prove to be true. Only time will tell.  


Chapter 1: Twilight in Shandor Manor   Chapter 2: Evening in Shandor Manor