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  Dreamers have a strong affinity to either Arcadia or Stark. They are able to move to the other world in their sleep, but their physical bodies stay in their original location.   Unlike Shifters, dreamers have influence in their world of choice. Moving to the other is actively hard, and so most dreamers only visit the other world when they have something to do there. As a result of being more grounded in one world, they are able to influence it much more directly than shifters can.   A Dreamer influences the world through special abilities known as Thoughts, which tend to have localised effects but can sometimes be further reaching.  

Dreamer Stat Pools

A dreamer starts with the following stat pools:
Stat Starting Value
Social 8
Physical 8
Dreaming 12
You then distribute another 6 points between them as you wish.  

Dreamers in Society

  Dreamers tend to be somewhat integrated into their world. Some might dismiss the other world as simple dreams, some might realise their power but keep it hidden, and only a handful will actively use it. They likely have a social network, perhaps money or power, but they still aren't considered powerful by the masses. At most, they might be as influential as the mayor of a large city or ruler of a tiny country (think Lichtenstein).  

Dreamers in Groups

  Most dreamers don't tell people about their dreams. But when they open up, they tend to work extremely well with others. Those that realise their powers are real will generally try to make at least one ally across the Divide. A pair of Dreamers from opposite worlds working together can make quite the formidable foe!

Notable Dreamers

  Unlike shifters, dreamers are rarely noticed in their primary world. There could be hundreds, thousands, or perhaps just one. We know only of Zoë Maya Castillo.
I've never met anyone like you. I only know that there are some who have a strong connection with the world of dreams. And you're one of them.
— The White Dragon

Dreamer Tiers


First Tier Dreamers

  Effort: Your effort is 1.   Dreamy: You have a Dreaming Edge of 1.   Cypher Use: You can carry up to four cyphers at once.   Practised with Light Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. If you use a medium or heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step.   Defensive: Choose two defensive combat skills. You are Trained in this skill. Alternatively, choose a single defensive combat skill in which to be Specialised.   Dream: When you go to sleep, you are able to move to the other world via the Storytime. You don't recover any points to your pool, and your sleep counts as restless, meaning that you will be fatigued if you Dream two or more nights in a row and your recovery rolls won't reset. Moving to the other world is instantaneous once you fall asleep, but you may need to make a roll in order to fall asleep in stressful situations or those otherwise not helpful for getting a good rest.   When you dream, you automatically gain suitable equipment for wherever you find yourself. This includes clothes and small tools. If you intentionally dream yourself into an ongoing battle, you might even find yourself with a weapon. You can never take anyone with you, though higher tier Dreamers may find themselves able to show things to other people through their dreams, even acting as a sort of camera into the world which they're currently in.   Thoughts: Your special abilities are known as Thoughts. Some Thoughts are are constant, ongoing effects and others require you to declare them and spend points from a stat pool.   At first tier, choose two thoughts from the list below. You can't choose a thought more than once unless its description says so:

First Tier Dreamer Thoughts



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