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The Balance

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The Balance is a world split in two: Arcadia, a world of magic and chaos and Stark, a world of cold logic. Most denizens are confined to one or the other, but a handful are able to cross worlds...  


  The Balance is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the Dreamfall Saga. You will play in a party of three, your characters jumping between the two worlds to try to fulfil your destinies. Are you going to protect the Balance? Or will you reunite the twin worlds, causing the end of the Balance altogether?  

What You Need to Know

  The Balance takes place circa 2050, almost 160 years before the events of The Longest Journey. What you do might alter the worlds that April, Zoe and Kian find themselves in. It's up to you to decide.   Head on over to Character Creation to begin your journey...