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The Articulation

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July 5th Using the prompts for World Anvil's Summer Camp to build a world. To what purpose? I guess we'll find out. At the very least we might come up with a better name than 'Summer Camp Challenge World.'   Update July 10th I think I'm going with The Articulation for now. It's the one phrase that I've come up with that sticks in my mind   Update August 03 I finished Summer Camp, writing all 33 prompts! I'm really excited about this world I've created and have decided to start using it as the basis for stories to write. I have several bouncing around in my head. Some take place in Byssal Sound, some take place in Goroma, but the biggest one is set in Bellwether.
The first article I wrote was for a rank/title called a Baluster . This article pretty much set the tone for where I wanted to go and in it I mention an event called The Bellwether Misery. I'm hoping this will be a novel sized story, but we won't know until I start excavating it from my head. I just know it's a story I very much look forward to telling.   I'm quite excited to go down this rabbit hall even though it's might get terribly dark.