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Port Tribal

Port Tribal is a free trade and privateer port in the Old Salt Bay, located along the coast of The Wildlands. It's proximity to the Therian tribes is the origin of it's name. It was founded by Cerath "Black Paw" Jeggith, a member of the Smol race of Catfolk and privateer.


Port Tribal has no formal government but does maintain a loose confederation of privateers and pirates bound by a common code. The most common parts of this code are, but not limited to, as follows:
  • To keep their vessel and tools of their trade clean and tidy, as to be prepared at all times for a fight.
  • To desert one's vessel, post, crew or betrayal of a fellow privateer is punishable by death or marooning.
  • To never fight one another aboard their own vessel or in Port Tribal and to settle disputes elsewhere, by blade. or fist Disputes between crews must be settled at sea.
  • Plunder must be evenly distributed among the crew, based on rank and position.
  • Defences

    Port Tribal does not have the backing of a wealthy government, making the establishment of "civilized" port defenses harder to build and maintain. However, it does contain some outer walls and a few other defenses, such as canons and ballista, and, of course, vessels of various types.

    Industry & Trade

    Port Tribal serves as a safe haven for privateers and others looking to avoid trade taxes and for those avoiding the law. Due to that fact, there are many services provided here. Those who visit here can get their vessels repaired, resupply, recruit, spend their plunder, avoid capture and much more. A favorite pass time here drinking at The Dirty Wanker, which serves as a tavern and brothel.
    Trade post

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