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Catfolk - The Honorable Ones

Catfolk are members of a shared cultural identity but are technically made up of three distinct races rather than one. Due to the shared cultural identity, they consider the other Catfolk races to be their kin, nontheless. Catfolk often see themselves as wanderers, explorers, and wardens against evil forces, particularly ones from the Savage Wastes.  
Society, Culture & Religion
Catfolk are naturally curious and energetic but it's not uncommon for them to engage in quiet contemplation and study. It is extremely rare to ever see or meet with a racist catfolk, as their culture heavily believes in and relies on openness, acceptance and family. Their fellow kin often encourage curiosity, inquisitiveness and seeking out their own path; seeing what fate and their aspirations have in store for them as exploration of one's place in the universe.   With family and unselfish cooperation at the center of their culture, along with good-natured curiosity and willingness to accept others, catfolk tend toward good alignments, most being a neutral good, with exceptions.   Catfolk are not religious in the typical sense of the word but can be considered spiritual. They revere, but not worship, their ancestors and value the strength and knowledge they passed down. Catfolk see the Aethereal Lords and Archfiends as the original good and evil spirits of the world, rather than Gods or Deities, and refer to them as the Old Ones. Catfolk do, however, occasionally call upon certain Aethereal Lords to guide them, depending on the situation. Their patron 'spirit' is Netara, the Goddess of love, compassion, marriage, beauty, fertility and family.  
The Legress are the largest in size of all catfolk races. They have an increased raw strength over other non-Elder humanoid races. Strong claws that retract allow the Legress to have an edge in hand to hand combat against non-Catfolk, with the exception of Therians. The males are usually stripeless but sometimes have spots that fade as they grow into adulthood. Females are the opposite, however, and develop stripes as they grow older into adulthood. The average height of males is 6 feet 7 inches tall and the average height for females is 6 feet tall. Many Legress are seen within heavy labor roles and as warriors, but can be seen in plenty of other professions as well.
  Pantorans are, on average, of similar size to the average human. They tend to be lean with a higher metabolism, making the sight of a bulkier or overweight Pantoran an unlikely sight. They, too, possess retractable claws that can be used as weapons, much like the Legress. Their fur color ranges from black and greys to dark blues or a mix.     Smols are the smallest of the catfolk. They have small builds, averaging 3 feet and 5 inches in height. They don't have a lot of raw physical strength but make up for it with their extreme speed and agility, being even faster their their already quick larger cousins. They have small retractable claws that aren't useful as a weapon but can still be painful when scrapped by. Smols have a natural talent at stealth due to their size and agility, making them excellent scouts and saboteurs. Their fur can be a wide range of greys, whites, tans and browns. Shorts bows and daggers are common weapons for Smols. Smols tend to have mechanically inclined minds, which has resulted in unique tools and other gadgets like the eyeglass and small bladed gauntlets to be invented by Smols.


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