The 5 shudake The Great Forgetting

The Great Forgetting

Era beginning/end


There is nothing from before, there is only what is to come. No past, do writings, not even a scrap to tell the people what happened, who they were, where they came from. Just darkness. Darkness and questions.

One day everyone in the whole of the Second Shudake woke up with absolutly know memory of what happened before. All record were destroyed beyond recognition by some unknown entity, People's memories were erased, even those that had lived for centuries. This time became known as The Great Forgetting and became the knew basis for history and time. Monuments, villages, customs all existed before and you can still find remnants of them today, but there has been nothing written left intact to exxplain anything. No one knows how old their world is, no one knows how long their world will last, and no one knows if The Great Forgetting will happen again.

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