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Above my head in darkened sky
Hangs a silvered, rounded stye
Upon my minds eye doth it rest
And cause my heart to burst my chest
  Its magic pulls upon my curse
Turns my demenor to its worst
The demon that feasts upon my fright
Yearns to dance in the pale moonlight
  Bones and body twist and change
My form into a creature strange
Eyes that glow with wild fire
To sate my hunger my one desire
  Fur upon my countenance grows
A lupine shape becomes my nose
On four feet with sharpened claws
Teeth that gleam give others pause
  Off I slink into the night
Death am I you cannot fight
If upon your scent I fix
Your flesh I'll bite and blood I'll lick
  My curse I'll pass to those who live
The monthly transformation give
Lycanthropy will fill your viens
Bound like me in wolven chains


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