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The Clinic of Organized Thought HQ

This is building that was headed by Svendysk Svendstal[Svendysk Svendstal], the founder and genius behind the BrainWayve technology. This is a foundation that the government of Sarentallia funded in attempts to control the populace. Also called The Suppression Guild Institute, the Clinic works hard to create technology and keep it upgraded so that no one is smarter than another person.

Purpose / Function

The Clinic of Organized Thought is series of clinics funded by The[Sarentallian] government in an attempt to control the thoughts of the people. At first the Clinic was supposed to be simply a brain research facility, simply trying to understand the working of the human brain. Eventually, however, it morphed into what it is today: a sadistic government experiment to control the subjects and gain complete power.


It started out simply as a squat grey building that was originally an apartment building, eventually after many renovations and huge projects the building was renovated into the HQ for the Clinic, now the clinic has a building in every single [Sarentallian] province.


At first the architecture was hard to place, it started out an apartment building that had a brutalist look to it. but after years of renovations they finally made it into a brand-new style that was named after the emperor. It was called [Seraphinan Style] , after [His Majesty, the Seraphin High-Born] . It is made from a stone called [dezpharden] , the stone is almost impenetrable, and can absorb massive amounts of abuse and wear and tear. [Dezpharden] also has the characterization of being able to absorb massive amounts of energy.


The building that is now C.O.T HQ was located in an abandoned apartment that was supposed to be condemned. The local magistrate was contacted by the government and asked to not tear it down. Then The Clinic moved in and started on their research. At first it was hard to conduct research because at first the power was very spotty and hard to get to.
Alternative Names
The Supression Building
Owning Organization

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Aug 6, 2022 08:46

I hadn't considered "mind-control" as a sort of governance... That's a relly interesting take on the prompt; I dig it. :D   How is the project going for them now?

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Aug 9, 2022 01:38

Has a delicious retro-sci fi story vibe going for it, reminds me of some really killer old school stories. A really heavy, top down government formed from a beneficial experiment gone tyrannical is right up my alley.