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Crisis Shutdown Procedure

Aka CSP, or "cusp," this is what happens when a Dome-wide emergency is declared.   One of the Insignia Council will declare the emergency and initiate, upon which an alarm will sound. People have set stations they are meant to report to, to find out what they're meant to do for whatever emergency this might be. Children will automatically go to lockdown bunkers, to keep them safe and out of the way.   Door are not locked, but they are sealed automatically and require confirmation before letting someone out. If a home has an airlock, this is activated. If not, then it just sucks and you have to deal with it. Vents and windows to the outside are sealed, and emergency oxygenation facilities are employed.   Every adult has some position to go to if this alarm is declared. Teenagers, those who have gone through First Adulthood, are generally expected to look after the house and siblings and focus on the neighborhood issues, reporting any problems they see.

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