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Nagtelik , God of Darkness

Brought into existence only a few fractions of a second after his brother, Nagtelik grew up idolising Osyn. In everything that he did, he looked to Osyn for guidance. In every venture he undertook he aimed to impress his older brother and win his praise. This has caused Nagtelik's presence to become widespread and very well known in the plane of Haven and beyond. Even though he has built himself up as a god of power and acclaim Nagtelik still constantly looks towards his brother for advice.  

Entering the Mortal Realm

Nagtelik entered Haven hard on the heels of his older brother. When he saw the interest Osyn took to the new life they found there Nagtelik also started to devote himself to these new creatures. He studied them, helped them discover and explore the world around them but ultimately could not share the fascination his brother did in these beings. Assuming his brother would grow bored of his new pets soon Nagtelik withdrew to Haven to attend to his other projects. After a few decades, however, he noticed that his brother was completely enamoured with the beings of the Mortal Realm. Nagtelik then returned to the new plane and beseeched his brother to rest. At first Osyn was reluctant, unwilling to leave his newly adopted charges for even a day. Nagtelik pleaded with him, concerned his brother was becoming obsessed and was not resting enough. After a time Osyn agreed, on the strict agreement that Nagtelik would oversee the beings of the Mortal Realm for half of the day when Osyn was not around. Nagtelik agreed immediately, a decision he came to regret later as he found he simply could not bring himself to love these new lifeforms.   With this lack of enthusiasm Nagtelik's watch did falter every so often, but regardless he continued to watch over the inhabitants of the new plane out of love and respect for his brother.

Divine Domains

Nagtelik rules over darkness. Not simply a absense of light, the darkness that Nagtelik has power over is a completely separate concept. While it is still dissipated by light, mostly due to Nagteliks reverence of Osyn, it can spread and duplicate without any requirements for light to have existed there in the first place.



Brother (Vital)

Towards Nagtelik




Brother (Vital)

Towards Osyn



Divine Classification
Osyn (Brother)


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