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Moonflower Cult

The cult worships Fen, the ArchFey that specialises in magical fauna. The cult will travel to a small town disguised as traveling herbalists. They will propose to have found the elixir of eternal life: a white petaled flower called a Moonflower. The cult will slowly integrate themselves into the town and convince more people to consume the Moonflower regularly.   The people of the town will notice that the flower has a positive effect on their health. After a few months of consuming this flower, however, the consumer will slowly start to lose self control and become more suggestible. After about a year of consuming the flower regularly the user will be completely enslaved and join the cult.


The cult does not have a specific leader or structure. Instead each member is guided by Fen to search for new villages that are ideal for converting.

Public Agenda

The goal of the cult is to enslave all of the Mortal Realm to Fen. Slowly, village by village they seek to make every free person a slave to their Fae ruler.


The cult was founded before the Realm Wars when Fen first entered the Mortal Realm from the FaeWild. He brought with him an assortment of magical plants that he then distributed throughout the lands. One of these plants was the Moonflower. When the first people of the Mortal Realm picked and ate the plant they were quickly enslaved to Fen's will. He then guided them through dreams and whispers. Their goal was to cultivate more of his magical flower and distribute it as far as they were able.

Let obedience flower

Religious, Cult

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