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Moonflower Curse


If the subject consumes Moonflower's for only a few months it will make them increasingly suggestible. The victim will be entirely afflicted with the curse once they have regularly consumed Moonflower's for almost a year.


If the user has only consumed Moonflower's for a few months they will notice that they have more energy and are generally more healthy without any need for a change in their lifestyle. They will become increasingly suggestible as well.   Once the user has consumed the moonflower for close to a year they will be entirely enthralled to the magics the flower contains. They will be under the power of Fen, and Archfey.


There is no treatment for a person that has consumed Moonflower's for over a year. If the victim has only consumed them for a limited time, however, they can simply stop ingesting the flower to stop the curse from spreading.
Chronic, Acquired


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