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The Empire of Iadith

A fallen empire, seeking redemption through fire


The Lord of the Heavens is the ruler of the Empire, elected from the Prime Celestines of the provinces who rule the many provinces in place of the Lord of the Heavens. The ceremony of electing a new Lord of the Heavens is a grand display indeed, where he swears to one day return the empire to glory, no matter the cost


Life on Iadith can only be described as an otherworldly experience. There is no other place in the world that is quite like Iaidth. For starters, magic is indescribably potent on the island. It is believed by the elves that their gods picked out this island for the elven race to be born on specifically for that reason. Others argue that the ancient elves perhaps had technology that played a part in magic being so strong on the island. Whichever one is true, the point is that it is almost unheard of for a spell to go wrong on the island. The waves of magic flow so strongly that it permeates nearly every aspect of Elven life, and has also affected their technology. Sending Stones are readily available, allowing for incredibly quick communication between families and government officials, magic street lamps light the streets, disease is almost wholly nonexistent, arcane automatons and locomotives help people move from place to place, and many more wonders of the world. Despite losing some of the technology from the Age of Tears, it is still leaps and bounds over the rest of the world, something the Iadins are quite fond of holding over everyone's heads.   The land of Iadith is incredible diverse, and the cultures on the island are varied. The 5 great provinces are united, though some animosity still remains for the actions of the Age of Tears. Despite this, the culture is unified in many ways, but one thing helps unite the lands together is their shared arrogance. No other race is as proud, or first sailed the world like they did, no other race built such a grand empire. Due to this, the people are by nature are staunch traditionalists, with ancestor worship being greatly valued. Many of the Iadian elves seek for a return to the old days, when the Empire stretched across the world, and all were subservient to them. They also believe in a harmonious balance of magic and elements, and believe that ever since their empire fractured the balance of the cosmos and the world has been shifted beyond repair. Due to this, they see it as simply not just their birthright, but as their duty to save the world from its self inflicted chaos.  The so called "lesser races" are simply children wailing and crying against their true parents, and it is time that the adults took back control, and set the world straight. One way, or the other...


The Elven Empire would form right before the Great Exit, at least officially, in truth the empire existed ever since the first elves roamed the island of iadith. Almost immediately the empire would be dragged into a war with the demons, that inhabited the land. This war would be the War of Kindling, and would serve as the first great victory of the Iadins, and would bolster the spirits of the Iadins, resulting in the Iadins seeking to expand their territory to other places in the name of spreading their glorious and perfect society across the world, starting with Red Ravens Rock, then expanding to some outskirts of what would one day become Ashenfeld and Neundorf. This would lead to first contact with humans and dwarves and many of the other races. While conflict did occur with some of these engagements, elven culture spread to the world, and as such the elven goddess of the sea is widely worshipped by sailors of all nations. These wars would be great, and many would die, but the Iadins would eventually begin to lose territory over thousands of years. Despite this, their morale would remain high, as how could the perfect race ever be anything other than great, and soon they would repair foreign relations by becoming nation with the best trade lanes and profits in the world.   What would come after a few thousand years was built up slowly and insidiously. As the Iadins grew comfortable in their position as a trade super power, they would become too complacent. Since they lived for so long, they could experience decadence as their confidence in their race would grow and grow. Trade profits would increase and increase. Then came the Crusade of Light, where the Iadins would dust off their weapons and take to battle with the other mortal races against the vampire scourge. This would be one of the most devastating losses for the Empire as well as the other mortal empires, as entire swathes of troops would be wiped out by dark magics and necromantic energies. Near the tail end, a vampire known simply as "The Blood Banshee", would cast a powerful curse that would drown an entire province of Iadith in a strange dark fog where supernatural creatures roam. After the war, to make up for the losses suffered, the Empire would start placing more and more focus on trade, eventually letting trade simply go unregulated. The economy from trade would grow and grow and grow, soon becoming out of control. Such systems were only made to handle so much, and eventually, collapse. The Empire quite literally, earned so much money that the economy simply died, with a complete disregard for where it pulled its sustenance from. Thus was the Age of Tears, where all these factors would lead into the Empire almost overnight losing most of its political power and fracturing. The civil unrest would lead to civil wars as for 25 years the islands would drown in blood as elves spilt the blood of other elves, vying for power and security.   Eventually, the Empire would rebuild, and reorganize, although too this day the different provinces hold a degree of independence from one another, some even considering themselves their own nations in al but name. The years of civil war would lead to much the remaining elves to grow bitter, and spiteful against the world, for while they destroyed one another the other mortal races simply watched, and took advantage of the situation to grow their spheres of influence. Thus the Empire remains to this day, a shadow of its former self. What once was an island of the pinnacle of civilization with open minded people is now a land where the people one day dream of reconquering the world, drowning it in fire if they must. While other nations still parlay and trade with the Empire, tensions continue to rise as the Iadins bide their time to one day go about "The Day", the day they will reconquer what was once theirs. However, some even question if they will ever be able to expand past their island home ever again, for they have fallen so low from where they once were that some say they are simply dancing towards their doom, for the lands of Iadith have become a dangerous place indeed

Demography and Population

The largest population on the island is Elves, coming in many different varieties but the largest are the High Elves and Moon Elves. The second largest population is Minotaurs, who are also native to Iadith and considered to be made in the image of Teclican. Besides this however, few if any outsides live on Iaidth, for outsiders are only allowed in one port city, and even then restricted wholly to one distract, however exceptions have been made for mercenaries. While many mercenaries can barely tolerate the supreme arrogance of the Iadins, they do however pay incredibly well.   It should be noted that Iadith is one of the few places to find dragons in any large amount, for the dragons are believed to have made their home on the magical island in some of the large mountain ranges.


The island of Iadith is the territory of the elven Kingdom, with a few minor islands nearby that they also hold provinces over


The Iadins have been building their army back up since the great civil wars of the land. What came out of the Age of Tears is a hardened and veteran army, who makes great use of magic, master crafted weaponry, and even great magical constructs to do battle with. Iadith is also one of the few geopolitical entities to have an entirely professional army, rather then levies, crusader orders, and mercenaries. For this reason, they rarely hire mercenaries, but have been known to on occasion hire some should the need be deemed great enough.


The Iadins worship their own pantheon, that has suffered just like the empire, but are still revered. It is said that the power has waned and that some feel the same scars that the Iadins have felt over the years. Regardless, the pantheon remains strong, and one day will be the only faith the world will worship.   Teclian - The Creator god, as well as the god of war, justice, knowledge, light, and honor. A bull headed god that is now the most popular god of Iadith, with much of the elves incorporating the bull in their armor and daily life   Yulla - Goddess of the moon and magic, she blessed the moon elves who ventured out into the magical forest of the heavens to be some of the most magically attuned elves in the land   Lindur, God of fertility, pleasure, and companionship. Those wishing to fall in love, give birth, experience friendship, or simply drown in the decant pleasures of the world thank Lindur for allowing them to feel such emotions and desires   Illia, Goddess of Healing and comfort. She is sister to Onrasha, and it is said that she has suffered greatly at the fall of the elven people. So wounded is she that it is said her healing powers have waned. Yet her clerics still call on what remains of her power to heal the sick and the suffering.   Onrasha - The mother of creation, harvest, and civilization. She is the sister of Illia, and it is said she wept so much when the empire fell, her tears swallowed an entire island province, and to this day great rain storms plague Iadith   Vashla - The god of the forge and fire, it is said he blessed the weapons of the Iadins to be able to vanquish their enemies with extreme efficacy and also arms the god Teclian with mighty weapons   Zadotl - Goddess of death, darkness, and the afterlife. She is the eventuality of life, and is said to be a ever cruel goddess who punishes the living if they disappoint her, leading many to say the Age of Tears was a punishment of some kind from Zadotl, also commonly referred to as "The Pale Queen".   Ceòlia - Goddess of the shadows and mists, the protectress of all things hidden or lost. Curiously, it is said she is the only elven god to walk amongst the elves, depicted as a high elven lady with a cloak of shadow and a veil covering her face, many assume she is a goddess of unmatched beauty. She is prayed to by assassins and those who travel or fight in places the light does not touch   Ivlena, Goddess of the Sea. She is prayed to mainly on costal settlements, specifically amongst sailors. They pray to her that the weather may be come and that the storms not be too harsh, for they do not wish to join her cold embrace just yet.

Foreign Relations

The Iadith Empire is but a shadow of its former self. While not in open war with the other nations save for Vebastonne who they war with regularly, tensions are rising due to the ever spiteful and jealous gazes of the high elves. There are some tales of high elves preparing to raid some of the weaker nations in hopes of expanding their empire and reinvigorating the morale of the high elven people by initiating a "grand recolonizing". Such rumors, have sadly come to pass, as the Elves have started with Vebastonne, their long standing rival in the hopes of establishing a foothold on the Nilush mainland.

Agriculture & Industry

While agriculture has suffered greatly from the Age of Tears, the high elves still maintain vast farming land and truthfully one of the few profitable trades they have left. Recently the Empire has been making steps to boost the production of weapons and military appliances

Trade & Transport

Gone are the days of being the trade powerhouse of the world, now Iadith is one of the minor trading ports, with some traders refusing to port there due to the "vague hostility" high elves have for the outside world


The Iadins are also some of the most intelligent and gifted amongst the entire world. While the other races were trying to cure poxes with strange hedge magic and rituals, the Elves of Iadith were studying the stars, and had long ago cured any disease they could come across in Iaidth. They rarely share their information with outsiders, for they believed it belonged in more "safe" hands then others. To their credit, they weren't entirely wrong, as the other nations and kingdoms of the world have a tendency to get involved in horrific wars, rebellions, crusades, and other such conflict in where book burnings have occurred. It is for this reason that while much of the world is developing evermore, the elves have remained somewhat stagnant for quite some time, as they feel that their traditional technology they have now is more then enough to dominate the world as its guardian.   The magical academy of Lefiara is also one of the greatest magical academies in the world. So great is its teachings that there is a reason many of the greatest spellcasters in the world are Elves. To attend is considered a great honor, for magic is not feared by the Iadins: it is cherished. To be born with a deeper connection than the standard elf to the inner workings of the world is to truly embrace a life where one can be more in harmony with the world. For this reason, the academy is said to be a magical place, where the land around the academy has been affected completely. Arcane phenomena is ever present within the area, and the studies the students go through are tough but very fulfilling, and push the student to truly master the ways of magic.

"Fight for what what will be and once was"


  • Iadith
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Elven Empire, The Empire, The Fallen Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
Legislative Body
The Prime Celestiens makes the many laws of the provinces
Judicial Body
The Teclian Court upholds the law and punishes the lawbreakers, sometimes very harshly
Official Languages
Notable Members
Related Species

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