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The motivation behind building Teralt

I want to build a world where magic runs freely, but one where the reason behind magic makes sense. I don't want to have questions about how anything works, beyond the creation of the universe.   I want a world where almost all of my stories can live. A world where I can come up with a fascinating idea, and then be forced to limit it by building it within the system I've designed.   Teralt stems from the first book I ever wrote.

The goal of the project

To create a long series of novels that can bring magic back into the hearts and minds of the readers. A legacy.

Teralt's Unique Selling point

Its detailed worldbuilding and fascinating magic.



High-Fantasy, often portal fantasy. The time period evolves from book to book.

Reader Experience

Teralt instills feelings of wonder and escapism, but also those of loss and secondhand regret.

Reader Tone

I certainly wouldn't want to live in many eras of Teralt's complex history. In fact, there are few moments when I would choose to be.

Recurring Themes

1. The pitfalls of power. 2. Corruption and betrayal. 3. Discovery and invention.

Character Agency

This varies from character to character, as some are incredibly powerful, while others are incredibly lacking such power.