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Wayfinders are specialized navigators and explorers in the world of Teralt, tasked with discovering new lands, charting unexplored territories, and guiding travelers through remote or faraway places. Their profession is one of adventure and constant movement, filled with challenges and the thrill of the unknown.   Wayfinders are considered the elite navigators of Teralt, combining knowledge of geography, astronomy, magic, and local lore to traverse the most distant and inhospitable lands. Their skills are highly sought after by merchants, scholars, adventurers, and even rulers seeking to expand their domain or gain knowledge of the world.  


Wayfinders were created after the battle between Andromeda and the Traveling Parent, as the scattered survivors across the world needed to find each other again, to seek safety in numbers (and location) once more.  


  • Exploration: Wayfinders are often hired to explore unknown territories, identify safe routes, and map out new lands.
  • Navigation: Using a blend of traditional tools and magical enhancements, Wayfinders are skilled in guiding ships, caravans, or expeditions across challenging terrains, treacherous seas, or hidden magical pathways.
  • Diplomacy: In distant lands, Wayfinders sometimes act as emissaries, negotiating with indigenous populations or other explorers.
  • Research: Some Wayfinders are scholars who travel to document rare flora, fauna, geological formations, or ancient ruins.

Training and Qualifications

Becoming a Wayfinder requires extensive training, often under the mentorship of an experienced Wayfinder. The apprenticeship may last several years, covering navigation, survival skills, magical practices related to travel, and an understanding of the diverse cultures and creatures of Teralt.  

Tools and Magic

Wayfinders are equipped with an array of tools and magical artifacts to aid them in their journeys:
  • Navigational Instruments: Traditional compasses, astrolabes, maps, and magically enhanced devices.
  • Survival Gear: Items for surviving in harsh environments, such as enchanted tents, water purification tools, and weather-resistant clothing.
  • Communication Magic: If sent to find something particular, Wayfinders are often accompanied by a survival-trained Threadweaver who can utilize a Resonance Weave to maintain contact with patrons over long distances.
  • Wayfinders' Mark: A ring, amulet, or pin that has the symbol of the Wayfinders engraved on it, typically only recognized by other Wayfinders as a way to identify members of the brotherhood.


Wayfinders face a myriad of challenges, including dangerous landscapes, unpredictable weather, hostile creatures, and potential political or cultural conflicts. Their journeys may take them to the edges of the known world, where they must rely on their wits, skills, and determination to succeed.  

Impact and Legacy

The work of the Wayfinders has greatly expanded the known world of Teralt. Their discoveries have opened new trade routes, unearthed ancient relics, and fostered connections between distant cultures. Their stories of adventure and exploration continue to inspire generations of explorers and dreamers.  

Famous Wayfinders

  • Levana Starstrider: Renowned for her daring voyages across the seas despite the dangers lurking within, discovering areas lost during the Shattering of Andromeda, many of which had turned into islands. Much of her documented work, however, has been stolen or hidden and so is unknown to the general populace, despite her legendary status. She was eventually eaten by a giant sea creature.
  • Theron Earthwalker: A scholar-Wayfinder who documented remote mountain ranges and hidden magical sites. He somehow survived many encounters with Ancients. It is presumed that his expertise of stealth is what saw him through these times.
  • Mad-Captain Alsen Seadancer: A man who sails ships through the seas, despite the known perils of the depths. He charges exorbitant fees, being the only captain around who sails the seas during his time. He was slain by a Mi'Lar.
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Aug 2, 2023 04:44 by Brian

I enjoyed reading about the Wayfinders a lot. I like their focus on exploration and helping others through dangerous places. I think also their specialty of being emissaries to new places is very unique and cool. It makes them like first contact scouts discovering civilizations or lost empires. I am a huge fan of exploring as a focus so these guys are really cool. I also like the addition of well known Wayfinders and what they did and how they eventually died. Gives some good background and maybe something to live up to. Well done!

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Reading this really sparked my imagination. Thinking of the wayfinders exploring the realm, after it has been destroyed, to help and inform others really intrigued me, especially in a story-telling sense. It would be marvellous to follow a wayfinder and their apprentice during the latter's apprenticeship, getting to know the world surrounding them as you follow along. It leaves endless possibilities for exciting plots and social connections in your universe. Also, I love how Theron is the only one who has survived from the wayfinders mentioned. Leaves you to wonder whether he has something special about him that people did not recognize yet. Thanks for this glimpse into your world, it truly inspired me!

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