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Andrea Bianchi

Captain Andrea Bianchi

Captain Andrea Bianchi's name was feared in many sectors of the galaxy and for good reason. He had been lucky the last time he had encountered her, hell every single fucking star had aligned in his favour it had felt like. This time she had the advantage, and he'd be a fool if he wasn't just a little bit scared right now. 
— quote from Pirate Space Dragons


Andrea keeps herself in trim and fit condition, through a variety of fitness routines. Her muscles are toned, she carries very little extra weight, and she does gymnastics to keep herself limber and flexible. Chin length, glossy brown hair frames a pale face with strong features. Her eyes are a bright blue and she is known for her intense gaze.  


She was born on Earth, in one of the slum cities. Her childhood was as good as her parents could make it, and they did teach her to read and write. She was a bright child but had a bit of a temper and ended up falling in with a street gang. She proved quite capable at coming up with ingenious heists and scams and after only a couple years became the gang leader.   She had always dreamed of getting off Earth and exploring the galaxy, convinced she could make it big out there. After another few years, when she was 22, she had made enough money to get off planet and take transport to Rin Station. She had heard tales of how the station was a great place to find opportunities if you were willing to work for it, and work was not something that Andrea was shy of.  

A pirate's life for her

She found work on the station and sought to make as many contacts as she could, it was through these contacts that she heard of the Pirate cartel and more importantly found a way into the organisation. It was here that she finally found her place in the galaxy. As with all things in life she set about with a fervour making a name for herself. Taking any job that came her way and succeeding at most of them.
Short brown
147 lbs

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