Metaphysical/Religious in Tellus

World Codex


  • Birkwud: Dragon Shrine
    The Dragon Shrines were built in honor of the six mighty dragons that saved the world long ago, refered to in The Travelers Tale. They were defiled and reconsecrated in the name of the devil-dragon Shayna, before ultimately being razed by one of the Grey high kings.
  • Terrapin Isle: Shelle
    A cave near the summit of Mauna Makani'i, Shelle is one of those rare places that straddle the nexus of many possibilities...Planes of Existence, of one wilt. The thin air of the peak is not conducive to the explosion of jungle life proliferating at the lower altitudes, but it is here that much of the water spilling from the falls of Terrapin Isle originates.
    Walking into the mouth of the cave, the first thing one sees are a striking number of gemstones protruding from the walls, ceilings, and floors of the cave. A narrow hall leads into an artfull tiled room, replete with a massive fountain surrounded by white marble columns. Great care has been taken in the construction of this place; as if ease of mind and relaxation of body were paramount to the designers. Cushions and pillows are piled haphazardly around the joyfully tinkling fountain, inviting one to sit or recline at one's liesure. At the far end of the room, a nook is carved into the stone of the back of the cave.   A circle of magical runes has been inscribed on the floor of the nook, obvious planar travel runes, to anyone who studies the arcane. Runes meant to help travelers navigate multiple dimensions, but these seem to be lighting up all at once, as a beautiful woman wearing an odd head dress phases into and out of your vision. She is situated on a massive pillow, sitting lotus position, meditating, but opens her eyes and smiles as you approach.   "And what is it heroes such as yourselves would wish for? Treasure, perhaps? Long life, maybe? All you need do is speak, and that wish shall be yours." She fades into and out of view, but her voice, seemingly the voice of a multitude, remains steadily loud. So loud, in fact, that the distinct lack of echo stands out starkly as you behold the Oracle of Shelle.
  • Hlal's Sanctuary