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Vekhettaarii (VECK-ehtt-AH-ree)

Notes on the progenesis, proclivities, and modus operandi of the abominations called Aarii.

Prinhuat Aldernuanthansenahn
1st yr. parabiology report
Prof. Saganaw Hiacinth
An infernal inbreeding of Human, Lizardfolk, and Dragonborn (among others) specimens, these abominations have been gifted a limited form of soul by their benefactor, Vekheteshaynaralax-Shayna. She it is who made them, gave spark to their mind. Tormented their predecessors until she perfected their creation process. Enslaved their children once they were old enough. Gave their lives purpose and meaning.
  In their creation, Shayna begot her necessary army of slave labor, and an entire population of fanatical devotees feeding the usurper divine power with their prayer and devotions. She then set about breeding them for more specific purposes, and even more vile machinations. They are her foot-soldiers. They are her butlers and maids, and footmen and chattel. They make religious ceremonies revolving around preparing and consuming the flesh of humans in various ritual manners, and perform obscene parodies of the sacred rites and rituals of other deities and demigods. The proper way to divest a human body of flesh is described in detail at the very beginning of their holy scriptures, called (rather unimaginatively) The Book of Shayna, in the same manner as one would illustrate and describe the differing cuts and qualities of a cow, or perhaps a pig, on a sign over the local butcher's counter. The rest of the book describes rites and prayers for performing her evil magics and incantations, often requiring that human flesh be consumed as rendered in one recipe or another throughout the vile gastronomicon. They are bred and taught to despise Humans, and humans specifically, above all other creatures of all other lands...and yet, at the same time, to crave their sinew and bone for sustenance and artistic expression.

Basic Information


Their anatomy, while almost entirely reptilian, end there in similarity to one another. Limbs and other extremities either too short, or far too long; or perhaps some sporting immense teeth, while others have no more than a garter-snake's ridged gums. Some have horns, or protruding snouts. Others, the Sleepers, are born looking just like a human, or a dragonborn. The ones born as pure lizardfolk are fed to the other young immediately.

Genetics and Reproduction

The reproduction cycle of the Aarii is quite violent, and will only be referenced entirely in the archived original, as it is quite disturbing. -er, I mean. Even disturbing-er.
Gestating for somewhere on the order of six months, the birth often destroys the mother physically, and the children are encouraged to never waste food from that disturbing moment, right there. Aarii children are born in clutches of three to seven, and require a lot of provender right from birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

They have grown to a full sized adult within eight years, and plotting to overthrow and eat their superiors by eleven at the latest.

Ecology and Habitats

These critters were bred and born originally within the cozy bosom of a Nessus volcano.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While they proclaim a 'need for human flesh to sustain themselves', the fact is they are omnivorous and have been mind controlled by Vekheteshaynaralax-Shayna.

Biological Cycle

If any of these abhorrent creatures die of old age, it has never been beyond their thirtieth year.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Their features and characteristics can vary wildly.

Average Intelligence

They are all of average to high intelligence, except for some poor few genetic anomalies. They have just been strictly controlled through environment and magic their entire lives.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Aarii possess vision into the infrared spectrum, thanks to their soul connection with their mistress Vekheteshaynaralax-Shayna. They have acute senses of smell and hearing, but are otherwise no more likely to notice a fart in the wind than you or I.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Fleas and maggots seem to breed incessantly anywhere the Aarii congregate. The constant odor of decay hovers around them like a cloud of biting flies, attracting flies and mosquitoes as well as roaches and other eaters of carrion. Vultures will often begin circling above them, sensing the decay and an imminent feast.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The word 'slave', in various iterations, is the most popular name among young Aarii mothers.

Beauty Ideals

A sort of, 'eau de corpseflower' seems to trail around behind all Aarii; some say this is purposeful in attracting a mate they can...force. The sleepers that are born beautiful to human eyes are considered horribly deformed, and are brutalized while young1.

Gender Ideals

They are forced into binary gender identities; they have no choice in the matter.

Courtship Ideals

Mostly revolving around terrible smells and disgusting displays of violence.

Relationship Ideals


Average Technological Level

They have no is whatever Shayna tells them it is.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common, draconic and Aarii.

Common Etiquette Rules


Common Dress Code


Culture and Cultural Heritage


Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

They have holy days at the end of every fortnight.

Common Taboos



They are creations of Vekheteshaynaralax-Shayna's, bred to serve at her whim.

1 For this reason, some of the Aarii sleepers who find themselves spirited off to human societies find themselves treated with kindness for the first time in their lives. These often rebel, and fade into the background, rather than help their Aarii overlords.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Reptilius abhorrus
Chattel, Pureborn, Slaveborn, Penner, Slaver, Sleeper
~30 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
(Nose to tip of tail) ~6'.
Average Physique
Reptilian...they do not have the musculature or bone structure of humans, as much as they are bipedal in movement.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
From a dull, mottled green to black, with some few prone to albinism.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
This is a copy. The original has been archived at the Order of Oghma library in Greynor. Archived by Q. Taryntyno.

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