Clockwork driven boats that are desinged to sink and resurface on command. Constructed and employed solely by the Gnomes, these vehicles are a rare and exotic sight. Made even more rare to encounter by the fact that a properly functioning submarine is all but invisble form the surface.   Submarines can reach places that no other vessel can go. The Yapufro Trade Route is currently the ownly known example of a trade route that would not exist if not for this class of vessel. The suspicion is however that there are a lot more undersea trades going on than the Gnomes want the world to know about. And that they are used for military purposes as well. Several Opal Empire military captains have found that they were under suspiciously little guard when entering the waters of the Selora, even though their respective nations distrust each other.  


Most submarines are equipped with at least one, if not several Harpoon Guns. These can be used either for defense against sea monsters, or for more military purposes should the need arise.
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