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Sleeping hole

The sleeping hole is a type of bed that can be found in various forms across goblin culture. The bed is often woven from long twigs and decked out with a variety of blankets, cushions and other soft items.  

Original version

Goblins are well known to live or have lived in caves. Although these structures provide many positive features, such as constant climate and shelter, privacy isn't one of them. As anyone would get frustrated with sharing everything with others, different goblin cultures invented the sleeping hole separately. This way they would at least be able to sleep without others eying them.   The original sleeping hole is a small side crevis dug out of a cave wall. The cave was often just big enough for the goblin to sit up straight with stretched legs.
The entrance of the sleeping hole is blocked with any kind of cloth or hide that is big enough. This cloth is nailed to the stone walls with pitons and held down and in place with rocks. It isn't a rare occurrence for the goblin to have a small collection of pretty rocks specially dedicated to this purpose.   The floor of the Sleeping hole is padded out with thick rugs and hides to isolate against the cold floor and protect from sharp rocks that may not have properly been removed.  

Basket model

Goblin cultures that moved away from the cave clearly still valued the privacy and comfort of the self-made pillow den*. Many found the beds made by other cultures to be too open. This resulted in the goblins making their own beds from repurposed tubs and large baskets. A dome made of twigs and fabrics or leather was then added to conceal the inside and create a tiny private room.   The Basket model for the Sleeping hole has been improved upon continuously and has many variations across cultures. This model is relatively easy to make and customise and is thus the most common.

*Note: Caves do not have many opportunities for doors to separate rooms. Goblins have carried their habit of not partitioning rooms with physical barriers over to their above-ground houses.  

Nest model

The Nest model has been developed in the colder regions. The orb-shaped sleeping holes are suspended in the air with a strong rope or chain from the ceiling. This hanging appearance has been developed to keep the cold temperature of the floor from seeping through the sleeping hole's layers.
Another rope or chain is attached to the floor and the bottom of the orb to keep it from swinging around with every movement.   The Nest's exterior is made of interwoven twigs and lined on the inside with at least one layer of thick fur. The Sleeping hole is then further insulated with thick rugs, pillows and fabrics. These items are often so numerous that there is just enough room for the Goblin to crawl inside and sleep pleasantly.
Item type
± 100 cm diameter


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