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Rifguro is a type of toy made by Gnomes for their children. The name is a shortening of a gnomish word that means something along the lines of: "Construction pieces for children". A set of Rifguro is exactly that: a pile of matching blocks, gears, shafts and other small components that are designed for ease of assembly.   Gnomish children take great delight in messing around with Rifguro. The younger children mostly attach the blocks in random arrangements, but as they get older patterns will emerge in their creations. Sooner rather than later, they will create their first semi-working contraption, and from that moment on all bets are off.   Older Gnomes sometimes also keep a set of Rifguro handy, as they find it a great way of quickly prototyping new ideas they come up with.   Rifguro pieces are highly durable, as they are designed to survive the heavy-handedness of the average child. This has as side-effect that many a Gnome has cursed the existence of the toys after stepping on a piece bare-footed. Some of the more pointy parts could even be used as a stand-in for proper caltrops.
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