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Granny's Cooking pot

A large, blackwood carriage that creaks and rattles with every movement travels the roads between towns. Two large lanterns on the front and back announce its presence to others in the middle of the night while the rusty weathervane on the tiny tower slowly turns and squeaks in the wind.   A light shines through its crooked windows and from the twisted iron chimney rises smoke whenever it stops in a town. And then, when its large selling window opens with a loud groan, the people flock to the ghostly carriage as if they are sailors drawn in by a siren.
However, this siren does not bring death or fear but delicious homemade pastries, and foreign delicacies. Nor are they a beguiling image projected on the peoples' mind, but simply a kind old owl sharing her craft.

General description

Granny's Cooking pot the traveling home to Paulet Arta-aki which she has remodelled to function as a traveling food truck.
It is big, old, black and drawn by two goats named Dar and Din. Both the rambunctious goats and the heavenly smell from Paulet's cooking help to offset the wagons general ominous presence for customers.  


Before it belonged to her, however, it has already led a long life as the wagon of a hag. It is unknown what exactly the old hag did to the wagon but occasionally things decide to float around for a bit, the lamps and candles flicker on and of repeatedly and the sound of light footsteps patter through the night.
Most of it is strange but harmless.   Paulet does not seem to mind these occurrences as she assumes it simply happens to old things made by the creatures bound by gravity.
Night wagon
Complement / Crew
Dar and Din, two big mountain goats
Dar and Din by MPoel


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