006. A boar buried and a lifting fog Report in Telarul | World Anvil

006. A boar buried and a lifting fog

General Summary

The The Legendary Beetles took a rest in the Redwood Grove. Gram Crackers wanted to know why Fei Fennenhalfs hair was green. In her exitement she all but attacked the half-elf. Fei promised she would tell G.C. the recipy for a favour, and G.C. agreed.   Odinel Patel was buried in a 7ft deep grave dug by G.C. while shapeshifted as a Giant Badger.   When returning to Eorls Gedreas, they noticed that the vilagers seemed a bit foggy, as if just waking up from a deep sleep. Fei got Sigemikus' mind going by talking to him. G.C. Sneaked around the village and discovered Elysant Morin, Linhorn Tosscobble and the two dwarfs from the puppetshow (who were waiting things out in their makeshift theater) were not affected. In fact Elysant spotted G.C. sneaking around.   Fei planted doubt about Odinel Patel in Sigemikus, which got confirmed by the memory he was slowly regaining. Together they rummaged around in his house, where Sigemikus saw the elevator. This prompted him to go around and spread the news, so they could go get some rope and have a look down there.   G.C. ordered some lavender flatbread from the baker, before he too got called over to have a look.  

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In-game date
Report Date
01 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Active party members
Gram Crackers
Fei Fennenhalf


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