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004. Clearing the Blind Burrows

General Summary

The Legendary Beetles cleared the The Blind Burrows of it's various inhabiting creatures. Several party members nearly died in the action.   They broke into the current residence of Anwyl Auger through an ad-hoc backdoor made by Gimdalf by breaking open a weak arrow-slitted wall.   By threatening Anwyl with a non-existant instant-killing crossbow bolt, Macca Ni managed to subdue the crazed druid.   They discovered the patch of Earthmurk that caused Anwyl to go insane. And promply sealed the room by crumbling the north wall. Two warning notices were put up that cautioned for "Death and depression" inside, in various languages.   The lift led them into the back room of the apothecary, where Gimdalf picked up a bundle of various medicinal herbs (mixed and of unknown usage) and Gram collected Odinel Patel's notes on the uses of various medicinal plants in the region.   Tracks have been spotted going from the apothecary to the forrest in the North.  

Items gained


Character(s) interacted with

In-game date
Report Date
27 Jun 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Active party members
Gram Crackers
Macca Ni
Fei Fennenhalf


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