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The Miasma

The vast fissure that splits Teicna in two, most commonly known as Malephesh’s Tear - or simply ‘The Tear’ by those who are unaware of its true origins - is perpetually filled with a thick layer of roiling clouds. This pseudo-sea has many names, perhaps the most fanciful of which is that given to it by the Ceph: Le Fantôme de notre Mère Océan, “The Ghost of our Mother Ocean”. Beneath this roiling weather system, the remnants of the ocean pouring down into the planet's core remain floating and churning within a sealed environment. Though most of the water pouring into the crevasse is warped away into the Demon realm, the salt, contaminants, and vast array of living things aren't so lucky. Larger pieces of detritus are turned to ash by the intense heat at the center of the planet, while lone salt particles and microorganisms can instead be left floating around beneath the clouds for years on end. As they die and rot in the inhospitable air, the situation only grows more dire. This putrid concoction is the Miasma.
More than just a rotten wind, the Miasma has taken on various magical properties over the centuries of death that have condensed it into its current form. It is not only poisonous and a catalyst for untold disease, but it also corrupts flesh on contact, boiling living matter almost like some kind of unholy acid and blighting the remains with many of its more virulent properties. Creatures exposed to its effects are said to die in excruciating agony within minutes.

Miasmatic Boils

Though the oceans have been mostly blocked from dumping their contents into the planet's core, more than enough still sloshes over the godstone barriers for the level of Miasma within the Tear to be constantly rising. Every so often, when the concentration grows too high and the pressure begins to build, bubbles will begin to form on the Phantom Sea above. If not disturbed, these Boils will eventually burst, spraying clouds of fetid air miles into the sky. Though this foul wind will eventually be dissipated by the fresh air of the surface, the initial bursts are still incredibly dangerous to travelers of the cloudy Sea, and even moreso to the inhabitants of the various Qoatl resupply posts dotted across its surface.


Material Characteristics

The Miasma appears as what can most easily be described as a thin sandstorm. Visible particulate drifts amidst a cloud of purple and green mists, a concoction that is heavier than air, but usually leaves the Tear hot enough to float for some time before it eventually dissolves into the fresher air around it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It's said that being touched by the Miasma is like being set on fire, but with a pain that jabs deep into the bones long after the source is gone. It burns away top layers of flesh and spreads necrosis to layers beneath, leaving lasting, gangrenous infections. Coming into direct contact with these infections causes slower-acting and less severe symptoms of a similar nature, though they will become negligible after jumping only a few hosts. Though potent, the Miasma dissipates quickly in fresh air, rapidly becoming too diluted to affect healthy individuals.

Cover Icon Contribution: Lorc
Like a fish market left in the sun for untold weeks
Incredibly salty, with a tang of dead and rotten sea life
Swirls of noxious greens and purples
Common State
Gas (with particulate)

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