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Shade Walkers

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"Sweetheart, really. It's past your bedtime," The woman chided softly. She couldn't help but smile fondly at her youngest as he jumped up and down on his bed, his Shoni Sprite floating up and down at his side.   "Riani and I aren't tired!" The boy all but chirped, and his shadow sprite squeaked its agreement.   His mother moved to his side, sitting on the bed and catching the boy out of the air. She pulled him into her lap, kissing the top of his head. "You know," She murmured, expression serious. "You really must listen to your mother."   The boy frowned up at her. "It's just bedtime..."   "Yes, but the Shade Walkers will come and take you away if you aren't in bed!" She replied, smoothing his hair absently. "I always have a reason for my rules."   "The... The Shade Walkers?"   His mother nodded. "Let me tell you a story, little shadow..."


Stories of creatures known as 'Shade Walkers' are told to young children to frighten them into behaving. Shade Walkers are said to be creatures that from afar look to be Shoni Sprites, but are truly creatures out to steal and eat misbehaving boys and girls.   They are said to resemble shadow sprites, but their eyes appear far too human. When they manage to lure a curious child close, their mouths will open far too wide, revealing rows and rows of razor sharp teeth.

Historical Basis

Shade Walkers appear to be based on real creatures that live in the Divine Realms. These entities mimic the elemental spirits known as Shoni Sprites in order to lure unsuspecting victims closer. Knights are usually able to repel them once they realize what's going on, but mortals would be far less lucky. Of course, no one has ever seen one on the surface, but you can never be too careful...


The stories most likely gained their start from tales told by Knights who escaped them. Now, they're used in most households to scare children into obedience.


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