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Kitainese Courtship

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In Kitain, loyalty paints the traditions surrounding courting and marriage. A Kitainese man or woman will take a single ani, or romantic partner for life. In order to find their ani, they undergo complex courtship rituals, involving platonic life partners called lani in Kitainese.


Kitainese courtship and marriage ceremonies and traditions are seen as old fashioned by a majority of other cultures. The Shikahni in particular don't see the appeal in such strict monogamy. The Kitainese, however, will speak of the legend of how the God of Loyalty was raised to Godhood. Given that Loyalty was Kitainese at birth, the myth has become culturally significant enough to affect traditional courtship ceremonies.


Though a person can have multiple lani, only one will become their eventual ani. To make this decision, the partners will follow in the footsteps of Loyalty. First, one partner will create something entirely of their own hand for the object of their affections. If their lani does not accept it, they will simply remain lani, and the courtship will end.   |f their lani does accept the gift, they will create something of their own in return, and give the gift to their partner.   These rituals will culminate with the prospective ani experimenting at the Ashlina Festival of Rebirth, using the potent aylani fruit.   If all goes well, the two will become ani, and remain bonded as loyal partners from then on.

Components and tools

  • Handmade gifts from each of the potential partners
  • Aylani fruit


Two lani who wish to become something more.


These courtship rituals will occur at any time, though the final part of the ritual will only occur at the annual Ashlina Festival.

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