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The Silver Garden


A standard sized rapier. It has a delicate appearance, with its double edged blade in pure silver, and its hilt decorated with the appearance of silver vines to protect the hand. Its pommel is decorated with a faceted gem, clear in colour.  

Magical features

It's clear that the sword has deep magical properties. Just upon looking, people can feel a sense of coolness, that becomes more and more biting while approaching. The gem on the pommel, while not identified, is clearly able to store magical power easily, and is thought to be currently storing some kind of unknown magic. While the blade is thin and looks fragile, it doesn't seem possible to break it, and the rapier as a whole seems impervious to destruction via magic or mechanical means.  

Current location

Currently lost. It was previously in the possession of the organization Garden of Sunset, but it was reported as lost during a security breach in one of their strongholds.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
99 grams
109x2 cm, can vary with owner

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